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Reality, and the Inherent Flaw in Mathematics

Earlier, as I was pondering the following equation, I began to realize the inherent flaw in the mathematics we have come to understand.


It seems like a silly equation, in which there is no truth. I would argue that the truth is there, one must simply find it; or, more appropriately, one must create it. The inherent flaw is that the whole of mathematics is based on the standardization of symbols. However, if one were to create a legend for the equation, it could change the meaning entirely. Say, for example, I were to create the following legend: “2” is seven, “+” is minus, “=” is less than, and “5” is two, the above equation makes perfect sense.

“The result of seven minus seven is less than two.”

Our entire reality is based on standardization. Economics, language, relationships, mannerisms, and just about everything else. Even our senses are a set of standards which begins to form while we are still in the womb. Something aesthetically pleasing in one culture, may be vulgar in another. Something considered polite in one country, may be an insult in another.

So one question remains. What is reality? The answer is simple: Reality is what I say it is.