Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Promise of Night

Turbulent skies, and seas that tossed,

By raging storm, a ship t’was lost.

The horizon to crack, the thunder did try.

The lightning which threatened to part the sky.

The storm has finished, the winds now a breeze,

That gently leads the ship through the seas.

Steadily onward, the ship it does tread,

To a horizon, now changed from grey into red.

As evening approaches, light begins to fade;

And the red of the sky starts to darken and shade.

The darkness of night, does a promise bring on,

For behind it, tomorrow. It brings a new dawn.


The Storm

It moves, it travels, with a vengeful wrath,

Leaving only destruction in its path.

It does this deed to reach its end,

It leaves no trace of what it hath.

What end it seeks, no one knows,

Nor can they tell where the wind blows.

Try as they may, they will never see,

For its goals, and its ends, it never shows.

They see the calm of the storm’s eye,

And only hope that the end draws nigh.

But they are far from safe from the storm’s wrath,

For they soon will find that only part has passed by.

There is never a reason for the storm, nor

Is there ever an even score.

The storm passes by for only one thing,

It serves to destroy, and nothing more.